Moringa Benefits Infographic

The Moringa Oleifera tree has a long list of reported benefits and potential applications.  This infographic will help you sort through the myth and rumors to understand the more evidence based side of the nutritional moringa benefits and potential applications.  Enjoy.

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Facts & Stats To Tweet:

  1. Tiny Moringa leaves with 25x more Iron than Spinach?  4x more Calcium than milk?  »tweet«
  2. INFOGRAPHIC: The Miracle Tree »tweet«
  3. All the essential amino acids, 92 cell ready nutrients & 3x more potassium than a banana… »tweet«
  4. Once the oil is extracted from the seeds for skincare and cooking oil, the seedcake can then be used to purify water. »tweet«


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2 comments on "Moringa Benefits Infographic"

  1. TPounds says:

    Wow, great info.  I have been looking for this info online and everything else seemed outdated, so thanks and nice graphic.

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