5 Everyday Uses For Moringa You Didn’t Know

Most people by now know a lot of the various health benefits that come along with taking moringa powder on a daily basis.

What you may not know if that it can also be used for a variety of other beneficial daily activities depending on what your daily life looks like. Here are just a few to get the wheels turning…

1.   Tea-

Drink coffee or tea? We do too, its how a lot of people all over the world start their day. If your looking for a warm beverage that also provides vital nutrients and energy, then moringa tea is going to be right up your alley (I explain in detail how to make moringa tea here)

One quick note on moringa tea however, is that you need to place the actual powder in the water, not in a tea bag if you want to get the maximum benefit. You can’t cook a steak in water and just drink the water and it’s the same with the moringa, you still need to consume the actual leaf powder. Try it with a little lemon and honey!


2.  Water Purification-

For many this may not be your #1 goal everyday, but for a very larger portion of the world…. it is. Clean water is still the world’s #1 daily sought after resource and untold sickness and death is caused by a lack of access to clean water daily worldwide.

The crushed seedcake that is leftover from making moringa oil (link) can be used as a floculant to clean water. Is it the worlds best and most effecient way to clean water? No, but it is effective, renewable and easy to use in places where water filters or brita’s simple do not exist.


3.  Skin & Body Care-

One of moringa’s most untapped and unknown benefits lie in the realm of skin care. Moringa oil carries an high oleic acid content as well a host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, moringa oil is alraedy used in a number of high end cosmetics.The possibilities for skin, body and even hair products made with moringa oil is huge and actually one of the avenues that The Moringa Project looks to expand its efforts int eh coming years.


4.  Medical Care-

Per federal guidelines, I am not allowed to say that moringa can treat cure or prevent any disease. That being said, various parts of the moringa plant have been used in auryvedic medicine for over 1000 years and the potential applications are astounding.

Many of the Auryvedic applications makes use of the plants analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits, while personally I am most taken by its potential cleansing and anti-bacterial applications.


5.  Lifestock/Pet Food-

One of the beautiful things about growing and producing moringa nutritional supplements is that along with it, you also get a whole host of beneficial byproducts (ie. the seedcake above being used to purify water.). In addition, when creating the purest supplements available, there are a lot of leaves that just “don’t make the cut” and not to mention stems that contain the leaves.

This plant matter still has a strong nutritional value and can be ground and used for lifestock and even pet food providing loads more beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients into their diets. Adding moringa to diets of growing livestock has been show to increase weight gain and even milk production!

Think about the possibilities here for a farmer who begins to grow moringa to increase his families health and increase his income? He can now also potentially increase the size and milk production form his livestock with the byproduct…pretty cool huh?


For more ideas on the uses and benefits of moringa, be sure to check out the Moringa Benefits Infographic.

Moringa Benefits Infographic

The Moringa Oleifera tree has a long list of reported benefits and potential applications.  This infographic will help you sort through the myth and rumors to understand the more evidence based side of the nutritional moringa benefits and potential applications.  Enjoy.

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