We source the world’s finest Moringa Oleifera products and use profits to give back to those in need through Moringa outreach programs worldwide.  Learn more here.


The Moringa Project is based around 2 simple ideas: Provide the best product & give back to those in need. Learn more about The Project here.


We are teaching people worldwide how to create sustainability both through our business practices and our ongoing Moringa outreach programs.


Moringa trees can provide food, shelter, medicine, water purification, income and more providing much more than just aid supplies, we provide real hope.


It’s simple, buy a product from us and we will plant a tree for someone in need and actually go there to show them how to use it.


From seed to your doorstep, every step of the process is designed to maintain nutritional vibrancy and freshness.


The best product, period. We source our Moringa from only the worlds most reputable and experienced growers.


We believe you deserve to know everything, from where the tree was grown to how it was manufactured and even who your dollars help over time.

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